Technology Team


Our mission is to make high quality, affordable healthcare accessible to all people. Digital health application allows patients, doctors and medical coordinators to connect in order to plan and treat patient. Our vision is to create a global healthcare digital infrastructure that allows patients, coordinators, doctors, employers, doctors and insurance providers to engage in a unified human-centric place to deliver optimal patient outcomes at cost efficient prices.

We also work with med tech devices companies and Pharmaceutical businesses to connect them to the market (B2B) & beneficiaries (B2C). Innovative devices and procedures adds value to quality of life and bring convenience especially in elderly population (AGE-TECH) and women health (FEM-TECH).

Anil Joshi

Senior Advisor (IT)

Founder – a integrated healthcare platform for health data exchange. Extensive experience in designing high usability index EMR for Indian providers.

  • Director Outbound, Digisoft Teachnologies.
  • Digitization and Archiving of Analog Data.
  • Developed ARMS (Archival Retrieval and Management System).
  • Built systems and processes for enterprise class digitization of analog data in form of paper, cartographs, maps, old photographic prints and negatives.
  • Developed processes for digitization, enhancement and compression of large volume video, audio and image data.
  • Worked with large and small private companies and government for their digitization requirements

Ms Madhu Bhatia

Head IT specialist

Pursuing Ph.D( CSE) M.E(CSE)

Assistant professor & Industrial- Technical support Engineer in CDAC Mohali Research Associate in Cognito Edge Delhi

Blockchain coach having experience of more than a decade

Mr. Abhishek Chaddha

Technical Advisor

Bachelors of Science. Computer Science and Human Computer Interaction, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh

Software Engineer / Cofounder, Appcubator,Software to help founders create functional app prototypes, Y-Combinator W13, CTO / Cofounder Street Jumper Pvt. Ltd., Hyperlocal delivery startup in Jaipur, Rajasthan.Mr. Abhishek designed the company's overall technology strategy with team of 5 engineers and designers. He improved customer service and operations through process and technology enhancements.At present working as Software Engineer, Central Tech Organization – Analytics, Zynga SF. Engineered and designed central Zynga tools and services, worked as part of a team to maintain and improve the company's database infrastructure.

Technical support

IIT Delhi

IIM Bangalore

IIM Kolkata

Andhra Medical Tech Zone (AMTZ) -Andhra

Kalam Institute of Health Technology –Andhra

Computer science/ Data Management: Apeejay Management Institute New Delhi

Member of Asia pacific associations of Medical informatics (APAMI)

Member of Digital Task force of World Medical association (WMA)